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Bracco Italiano



Another breed that is of great interest to the Maursett Mob, the Bracco Italiano is perhaps one of the oldest gundog breeds, certainly in Europe.

 The breed traces its history back to ancient hound stock (most likely as a result of a cross between the Molussus and the Egyptian Hound) and has been mentioned in writing as far back as the fifth century B.C.

The Bracco Italiano was on the Import Register with the Kennel Club in London, but became a full breed within the Gundog Group in  2008.  with Challenge Certificates being awarded for the very first time at Crufts 2015. Tony and Maureen were both honoured to be amongst the first in the UK to award CCs in the breed.

The breed has a relatively small,  but enthusiastic and growing following from both show and working people in the UK.


One of the two native Italian breeds (the other being the Italian Spinone), the breed belongs to the HPR (Hunt, Point & Retrieve) Group and is actively promoted in Italian working events these days.

Sadly, the breed nearly vanished during the early part of the 20th century, but tremendous work by SABI (the custodians of the breed in Italy) helped revive its cause and it is now growing stronger every year.

The Bracco is a true, sporting dog with a well developed brain and is not, therefore, suitable for homes where his hunting ability is allowed to go to waste.

This is definitely a breed that needs to work, being a strong and powerful animal, combined with a friendly nature and the need to please.


Tony awarded Best in Show at the Bracco Italiano Society's Open Show to  Harrison's Shaneco Daniele de Rossi ShCM

Like so many other members of the HPR group, the Bracco needs careful training.  It is all too easy for such an intelligent dog to go "deaf" and do his own thing; on the other hand, they can often teach their handlers a thing or two! Gentle, but firm, is the key to success with training this breed - you are unlikely to come across a breed which gets more upset at criticism and chastisement than the Bracco Italiano.

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With their distinctive movement and undoubted natural hunting skills, the Bracco Italiano is sure to have a good future in Europe. Very loyal, and with an amazing memory for people they like, they are a fun breed to live with. 

This is no ordinary dog; it is highly intelligent and needs owners who recognise its natural need for companionship, exercise and brainwork. If you merely want a lapdog, look elsewhere - if you want a lapdog that also works for a living, this is one for you!


Bracco Italiano Society

 Open Show


Maureen judged the 2014 Bracco Italiano Open Show at the Kennel Club Buildings in Stoneleigh.  Pictured are, left to right: Best in Show - Towns & Lay's Towns Altea de Arte Venandi, Reserve Best in Show Maddox & Bell's Birs Venator D'Ursus at Owlspoint, Best Opposite Sex & Best Dog Bowley's Gunsyn Albarari

Do please click on the link to see some of our photographs from the SABI 50th Anniversary Show at Casteggio, near Milan, in 1999:

SABI 1999



Dog Breeds Originating in Italy: Italian Greyhound, Spinone Italiano, Neapolitan Mastiff, Maremma Sheepdog, Bracco Italiano, Lagotto Romagnolo

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