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14th October 2023 - Clumber Spaniels: another Reserve Challenge Certificate for Gertie (Maursett Masikean), awarded by Judge Michelle Meredith at the South Wales Kennel Association Championship Show.


9th October 2023 - Clumber Spaniels: Maureen and Tony were delighted to receive notification from the Royal Kennel Club that we have been awarded the Accolade of Excellence for Clumber Spaniels on the Assured Breeders Scheme, having been put forward for this by the Clumber Spaniel Club.  We are very proud of this award and grateful to the Royal Kennel Club and our breed club for this honour. 


8th October 2023 - Tibetan Spaniels (no, this is not a typo - definitely Tibetan, not Clumber, Spaniels!):  Tony, Maureen and Hannah have a thoroughly enjoyable day out at the Breed Assessment Day run by the Northern Tibetan Spaniel Club.  All three of us were all delighted to come away with certificates after successfully attending the talk and then passing the Multiple Choice Examination followed by the Hands on Assessment in the afternoon.  


25th September 2023 - Clumber Spaniels: tonight another star shines brightly as our lovely girl Beatrice - Cape Lewisporte Make A Wish for Maursett (Imp Bel) - was given sleep after a very short illness.

Bea was never destined to be a show girl, but she revolutionised our Mob and we are forever grateful to Danielle and Jan for entrusting us with her.

Mother of Maursett show champions Maursett Mathos, Maursett Mercy and Maursett Mycate of Kiswahili and not forgetting Maursett Morveen of Vanitonia, mum of Lee Cox’s BIS Winner Sh Ch Vanitonia Soloist, as well as Maursett Mhairi Res CC winner at Crufts in 2020. Her grandchildren include show champions Maursett Malfoy, Maursett Marnie and Maursett Malachie at Molvonia. 

Her impact goes even further with grand and great grandchildren Maursett Masikean, Maursett Muttley at Molvonia, Maursett Marvella of Bebacova, Maursett Mordecai at Rocabec, Maursett Moruisg and Maursett Mimi of Maiank all winning CCs and Reserve CCs.

Bea was the sweetest of girls and loved everyone and was a joy to live with, even if she did have a love of Jaffa Cakes.

God speed Bea over the Rainbow Bridge.   


Tomorrow is never promised so everyone give your dogs an extra hug tonight.


6th August 2023 - Bracco Italiano: Maureen judged Bracco Italiano at the National Gundog Association's Championship Show and gave Best of Breed to her bitch Challenge Certificate winner, Sh Ch Braccorions Never Say Never JW, owned by Marlene Critchley and handled by Emma Towns.  It was wonderful to see this super girl then go on to be awarded Best In Show by judge David Howarth.
28th July 2023 - Clumber Spaniels: Leeds Championship Show saw Anthony Allen judging the breed and it was another good day at the office for the Maursett Mob, with Marnie (Sh Ch Maursett Marnie) winning the Open Bitch class.  But it was Gertie (Maursett Masikean) who stole the day winning the Junior Bitch class and then being awarded the Reserve Challenge Certificate (her second) at just 16 months. 


16th July 2023 - Clumber Spaniels: off to Scarborough & District Canine Association's open show, where Howard Ogden was judging our breed and the gundog group.  He awarded Best of Breed to Marnie (Sh Ch Maursett Marnie) who was then shortlisted in the group, with Gertie (Maursett Masikean) going Reserve Best of Breed.  Congratulations also go to James Taylor and Mike Hilton who won Best Puppy with Delsaux Fly Me To The Moon (sired by our Mathos - Sh Ch Maursett Mathos JW), at her very first show outing.


7th July 2023 - Clumber Spaniels: Bill Orzell judged the breed at East of England Championship Show.  It was a good day out for the Maursett Mob with Marnie (Sh Ch Maursett Marnie) picking up the Bitch CC after winning the Open Bitch class, while Hannah and Dave's Pearl (Maursett Madrigal) won the Puppy Bitch class and was Best Puppy Bitch.  Congratulations also go to Paul and Susanne Whitehouse who won the Dog CC and Best of Breed with Sh Ch Maursett Mallachie at Molvonia, with their Maursett Muttley at Molvonia taking the Res Dog CC.  There was continuing success for the Brown's with Maursett Meadie, who won the Puppy Dog class, and also for the Warehams who saw their  Maursett Melwyn win Post Graduate Dog.  A bit of trivia for you - the Best of Breed, Dog CC and Bitch CC were identical to the result at East of England in 2022!


11Th June 2023 - Clumber Spaniels: just the two girls with us at Three Counties Championship Show as Hannah and the grandkids were all participating in the Race For Life to raise funds for Cancer Research.  Our breed judge was Chris Page and Gertie (Maursett Masikean) won the Junior Bitch class, while Hannah & Dave's Pearl (Maursett Madrigal) won the Bitch Puppy class, before being awarded Best Puppy in Breed. 


4th June 2023 - Clumber Spaniels: Ripon & District Open Show saw Marnie (Sh Ch Maursett Marnie) win Best of Breed Clumber Spaniel, with Hannah & Dave's Pearl (Maursett Madrigal) winning another Best Puppy in Breed award under (replacement) judge Kelly Jenkinson.  Marnie (Sh Ch Maursett Marnie) then went on to be awarded Group 4 in a strong gundog group judged by Carol Moore.


28th May 2023 - Clumber Spaniels: the Bank Holiday weekend proved to be a special one, as the Mob had a outing to the North Riding Gundog Club's open show.  Jennifer Millard judged the breed and Hannah and Dave's Pearl (Maursett Madrigal) won Best Puppy, with kennelmate Gertie (Maursett Masikean) winning the Junior class. Marnie (Sh Ch Maursett Marnie) added to her recent run of success by winning the Open Class and being awarded Best of Breed, with Gertie (Maursett Masikean), handled by our grandson Ben, going Reserve Best of Breed.  It was then on to the big ring for the finale under judge Tracey Hayes and Marnie (Sh Ch Maursett Marnie) did us proud by going Reserve Best in Show. 


26th May 2023 - Clumber Spaniels: another great day for the Maursett Mob, this time at Bath Championship Show, where breed specialist Kath Kirkman was our judge.  Marnie (Sh Ch Maursett Marnie) added to her CC tally winning the Bitch CC (her fourth), with kennelmate Gertie (Maursett Masikean) taking the Reserve Bitch CC (ably handled by Lucy Wareham).  Hannah and Dave's Pearl (Maursett Madrigal) won the bitch puppy class, ahead of Rachel and Lucy Wareham's Maursett Missy.  There was more success for the Maursett Mob as Paul and Sue Whitehouse saw their Garfield, Maursett Malachie at Molvonia, win the Dog CC and go on to be awarded Best of Breed. Rachel and Lucy Wareham also took a first place with Merlin (Maursett Melwyn) in the post graduate dog class.  All in all, a very pleasing day for the Maursett Mob.


20th May 2023 - Clumber Spaniels: the Scottish Kennel Club championship show saw the breed judged by Mrs Jill  Peak and what a day it proved to be for the Maursett Mob as Marnie (Maursett Marnie) wion the Open Bitch class and was then awarded the bitch CC - that all important third CC.  So she is (subject to KC confirmation) now Sh Ch Maursett Marnie - the third Show Champion out of this super litter. Congratulations also go to Julie and Peter Cumming who took the Reserve Dog CC with Maursett Mordecai at Rocabec.  It was also delightful to see George and Lorna Brown take the Best Puppy in Breed award with Maursett Meadie.  Well done also to Mary Hanney, whose Maursett Moruisg won the Limit Dog class. What a really super SKC show for the Maursett Mob!


16th April 2023 - Clumber Spaniels: Hannah and Dave's Pearl (Maursett Madrigal) wins the Best Puppy in Breed and our Gertie (Maursett Masikean) then takes the Best of Breed award under judge David Smith (Oliwoodpoint) at the Saltburn & District Canine Society open show.  


15th April 2023 - Clumber Spaniels: huge congratulations to Paul and Sue Whitehouse who took the Best in Show at  the United Spaniel Association's open show with Sh Ch Maursett Malachie at Molvonia (Garfield).
26th March 2023 - Clumber Spaniels: Pearl (Maursett Madrigal) wins the Best Any Variety Not Separately Classified Gundog Puppy award at the Consett Canine Society's open show (judge: Jane Graham). 
9th March 2023 - Clumber Spaniels: Crufts Dog Show sees Gertie (Maursett Masikean) win the Puppy Bitch class under judge Ralph Dunne and then go on to be awarded Best Puppy in Breed. Well worth the travel through the snow as the bad weather descended on the UK. 


5th March 2023 - Clumber Spaniels: a debut for Hannah and  Dave's Pearl (Maursett Madrigal) who won the AV Gundog Puppy under Brian Foster at Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Canine Society's open show.  Meanwhile, our Gertie (Maursett Masikean) won AVNSC Postgraduate under the same judge. 


31st January 2023 - Clumber Spaniels: wow - what a year 2022 proved to be.  Today we had formal confirmation that Maeve (Sh Ch Mischievous Maeve With Maursett) was the Clumber Spaniel Top Brood Bitch in the Our Dogs competition.  This is to add to the Top Clumber Spaniel Stud Dog award for Mathos (Sh Ch Maursett Mathos JW) - last year was well and truly capped off as Maureen and Tony are Top Clumber Spaniel Breeders for 2022. 

Our thanks to the many judges who have thought so highly of the Maursett Clumbers and, of course, to the owners who have campaigned their Maursett dogs with such aplomb.  
29th January 2023 - Clumber Spaniels: Gertie (Maursett Masikean) is really on a roll.  She won a good sized Graduate class and then took the Best of Breed and Best Puppy award at Border Counties Gundog Club's Open Show, judged by Nicola Calvert. 


6th January 2023 - Clumber Spaniels:  a very pleasing start to a new show year at Boston Championship Show, where Gertie  (Maursett Masikean) won Best Puppy in Breed and Reserve Best Bitch under judge Sue Margerison.
1st January 2023 - Clumber Spaniels - as we start a new year, we thought we would do a review of what has proved be a great 2022 in the show ring, but health-wise, something of a nightmare. This began with Maureen having breast cancer and undergoing a mastectomy, along with all sorts of other problems that we will give a miss here, as well as more surgery for Tony!
At Championship shows in 2022, it was a very different story, with Foy (Sh Ch Maursett Malfoy), Garfield (Sh Ch Maursett Malachie at Molvonia) and Mercy (Sh Ch Maursett Mercy) all gaining their titles. Marnie (Maursett Marnie) and Mary Hanney's Walter (Maursett Moruisg) also picked up Challenge Certificates. Muttley (Maursett Muttley at Molvonia), Peggy (Maursett Marvella of Bebacova) and Mimi (Maursett Mimi of Mariank) also added to the Reserve CC list in the year. In total, Maursett Clumbers bagged twelve Challenge Certificates and twelve Reserve Challenge Certificates, along with six Best Puppy in Breed awards at Championship Shows during 2022. As far as we are aware, we are top breeders again this year and Mathos (Sh Ch Maursett Mathos JW) is Top Stud dog, all the points coming from his first litter. His second litter has only just hit the show ring a few weeks ago and his third litter is due to hit the show ring in March 2023. Meanwhile, his fourth litter (with another breeder) is due any day in the near future.
It was also great to learn that Maeve (Sh Ch Mischievous Maeve with Maursett) was Top Brood Bitch in the breed, as Foy (Sh Ch Maursett Malfoy), Garfield (Sh Ch Maursett Malachie at Molvonia) and Marnie (Maursett Marnie) are her offspring with ten challenge certificates between them in 2022.
A huge thank you to Paul and Sue Whitehouse for campaigning Sh Ch Maursett Malachie at Molvonia (Garfield) this year and his pal Maursett Muttley at Molvonia. Thanks also Rachel and Lucy Wareham with Maursett Melwyn (Merlin) who has done a huge amount of winning, Mary Hanney with Maursett Moruisg (Walter), Ricky Furnell with Maursett Marvella of Bebacova (Peggy), Ryan Ennis Holden with Maursett Mimi of Mariank and a;lso to Peter and Julie Cumming with Maursett Mordecai at Rocabec (Elvis), who made his debut at LKA where he was Best Puppy in Breed. On top of all this, there were numerous successes at Open Show level for the Maursett mob.
We hope you all have a happy, successful prosperous and, above all else, safe and healthy 2023.


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