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7th March 2022 - Clumber Spaniels: What a great delight to receive the following email:

Congratulatons on your successs in the Our Dogs Top Breeder competition for 2021. A wonderful accolade to have achieved!

Taylor Mr A J W & Mrs M - Maursett

2021 Top Breeder in breed
Spaniel (Clumber)
Gundog (CC Breeds)

21st January 2022 - Clumber Spaniels: What a great day for the Maursett Mob at Manchester Championship Show, where Foy (Sh Ch Maursett Malfoy) won Open Dog and then that all important 3rd CC.  Foy then went on to delight us by winning Best of Breed (Judge Mrs Kathy Moores).  Foy's litter brother, Maursett Mallachie at Molvonia owned by Paul and Susanne Whitehouse, won the Res Dog CC - their day was made complete as Maursett Muttley at Molvonia took Best Puppy in Breed.  We were also thrilled to see the Res Bitch CC also flying the Maursett Flag as this was awarded to Ricky Furnell's Maursett Marvella of Bebecova gaining her stud book number.
11th December 2021 - Clumber Spaniels: Ladies Kennel Association Championship show saw David Shields judging Clumbers.  He awarded Foy (Maursett Malfoy) the Reserve CC, with Mercy (Maursett Mercy) going one better gaining the Bitch CC and Best Opposite Sex. To complete a highly successful day for the Maursett Mob, Maursett Muttley owned by Paul and Susanne Whitehouse, was awarded Best Puppy in breed.
3rd October 2021 - Clumber Spaniels: Gordon Sutherland judged the Clumber Spaniel Club's Championship Show and awarded Foy (Maursett Malfoy) the Reserve Dog CC and Mercy (Maursett Mercy) the Reserve Bitch CC.  



23rd September 2021 - Clumber Spaniels: nearly there!  Foy (Maursett Malfoy) won Open Dog and was then awarded the dog CC (his second) by judge Mr Russell Mosedale at the Clumber Spaniel Club's Championship Show.  Foy also won the 'Special Open' class under judge Mr Eddie Boden at the same show.  Earlier in the day, Foy won the Res CC at the National Championship Show judged by Mrs Daphne Bailey.


27th August 2021 - Clumber Spaniels: Bill Orzell judged the breed at Driffield Championship Show and we were delighted to do the double, with Foy (Maursett Malfoy) being awarded Best of Breed with his litter sister Marnie (Maursett Marnie) winning Best Opposite Sex.  And, not only that, Tony also got to go to a dog show at long last after quite an absence!


20th August 2021 - Clumber Spaniels: delighted to read in 'Our Dogs' that Maursett is currently Top Breeder for Clumber Spaniels.  It is so nice to see our breeding having so much success, not just for ourselves, but for other exhibitors too.  Our thanks to the judges who have thought so highly of the Maursett Clumber Spaniels.
15th August 2021 - Clumber Spaniels: congratulations to Paul & Susanne Whitehouse who took the Best Dog award and Best Opposite Sex at the Clumber Spaniel Club Open Show under judge James Taylor (no relation) with Maursett Mallachie at Molvonia (better known as Garfield).
7th August 2021 - Clumber Spaniels: congratulations to Ricky Furnell and Maursett Marvella of Bebecova who went Best Puppy, Best of Breed Clumber Spaniel and then Gundog Puppy Group 2 at Paignton Championship Show. So pleased for them.
31st July 2021 - Clumber Spaniels: Bath Canine Society's Championship Show saw breed specialist Mrs Valda Day judging the breed.  This time, it was Foy's (Maursett Malfoy) turn to shine as he was awarded the dog Challenge Certificate before going on to take Best of Breed.  Well worth the trip down and big thank you to the judge.


24th July 2021 - Clumber Spaniels: Leeds Championship Show saw Sara Grimshaw (Kirkara) judging the breed.  It was an enjoyable day out for the Maursett mob as our youngster Foy (Maursett Malfoy) took the Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate (and his Stud Dog number).   Meanwhile, Mercy (Maursett Mercy) went one better by taking the Bitch Challenge Certificate.   Not a bad day out!
29th May 2021 - Clumber Spaniels: at last, we are able to return to dog showing at an excellent North Riding Gundog Club, where Mercy (Maursett Mercy) went Best of Breed under judge Mrs Kelly Jenkinson before being shortlisted in the final show line-up.  Delighted to see one our breeding, Maursett Marvella of Bebecova (owned by Ricky Furnell) take Best Puppy in Breed before being awarded Best Puppy in Show 3 (under judge David Howarth).
20th October 2020 - Clumber Spaniels: a sad day, as time finally catches up and we have to say goodbye to Stig (Jubilwell Riff Raff for Maursett).  We will miss him so much.

23rd July 2020 - Clumber Spaniels: despite the COVID-19 lockdown, we are still able to celebrate as Stig (Jubilwell Riff Raff for Maursett) becomes a teenager.  Here he is - pictured then and now - with our grandson Sam who has grown up with him.  Two great teenagers.

The Stig (Jubilwll Riff Raff for Maursett) with grandson Sam - great friends right from the start
6th March 2020 - Clumber Spaniels: Crufts saw the new Maursett kids on the block doing us proud.  Foy (Maursett Malfoy) took a second in Puppy Dog, whilst Marnie (Maursett Marnie) went one better winning the Puppy bitch class.  Meanwhile, another Maursett youngster, Maursett Mhairi won Junior Bitch and the Reserve CC.
19th January 2020 - Clumber Spaniels: it was a spectacular day for us at Manchester Championship Show.  Mathos (Sh Ch Maursett Mathos JW) won the Dog CC, and Mercy (Maursett Mercy) won Junior Bitch.  Meanwhile, Foy (Maursett Malfoy) delighted us by going Best Puppy in Breed under judge John Newsham. 
But that was not all, as Foy then went into the Gundog Puppy Group judged by Mark Cocozza and was awarded Group 4.  A very long, but hugely enjoyable day.

10th January 2020 - Clumber Spaniels: Boston Championship Show sees Mathos (Sh Ch Maursett Mathos JW)  winning Reserve Best Dog, Maursett Malfoy Best Puppy Dog and Maursett Marnie taking the Best Puppy in Breed award under judge Christine Schofield.  A cold start to the day, but an enjoyable outing for the Maursett Mob to start the New Year.
8th December 2019 - Clumber Spaniels: Mercy (Maursett Mercy) wins Best AVNSC Gundog and then Gundog Group 2 at Bridlington & DIstrict Canine Society's open show, judged by experienced all round judge, Nicola Spencer (Bannonbrig). Meanwhile, another Maursett youngster, Maursett Malfoy, was placed 5th in a large AVNSC Gundog puppy class at the tender age of 6 months.
16th October 2019 - Clumber Spaniels: Mercy (Maursett Mercy) wins the Clumber Spaniel Junior Bitch class at the Gundog Society of Wales' Championship Show.
11th October 2019 - Clumber Spaniels: South Wales Kennel Association's Championship Show saw Mr Gordon Haran judging the breed.  We were delighted when he awarded Mathos (Sh Ch Maursett Mathos JW) the Dog CC, having won the Open Dog class.  Meanwhile, following on from her success at Darlington, Mercy (Maursett Mercy) then won the Junior Bitch class and the Reserve Bitch CC, gaining her Stud Book number just a few days out of puppy.  It certainly made the long journey in torrential rain worth the while. 



13th October 2021 - Clumber Spaniels: Gundog Society of Wales saw Jane Graham judging the breed with Foy (Maursett Malfoy) gaining yet another Reserve Dog CC.


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