(German Wirehaired Pointer)

Normbar Savannagh mit Maursett

Sire: Sh Ch Normbar Valhalle

Dam: Maursett Marelda via Normbar

Date of Birth: 25 Nov 2006

A granddaughter of Fizz (Sh Ch Normbar Coleen of Maursett), Liesl made a good start to her show career in 2007.  However, she was more suited to an active working lifestyle and, since Tony was unable to provide this following illness, she was re-homed in an environment where she could exploit her working skills to best effect - and boy is she thriving.





Just a German Wirehaired Pointer Puppy, a toy and two of her Clumber Spaniel friends!  

Click Here to view Liesl's Pedigree

Fizz Liesl

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